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The Forever Living Products Network Marketing Business Opportunity is based upon sound business principles. The new profession of Network Marketing is poised, at the start of this new Millennium, to make another of its spectacular growth spurts - and you may be sure that FLP will be at the forefront of this increased performance. FLP UK plans to move up from 20-million annual turnover to 100-million in the next 5 years. We are leading the way in using the Internet to do business - there could not be a better time to join us! The full article covers these topics :-

- What can FLP offer YOU?
- What are the Key Benefits of FLP's Opportunity?
- How is FLP's Opportunity Unique?
- What can YOU offer US?
What Next?

Retailing Our Products

Anyone who joins our business as a Wholesale Buyer or Distributor can immediately start retailing our products. There is no need to hold stock, though it is a good idea to have one each of the most popular items to show to prospective customers. To help you with this, we have an attractive display case (the "Combi Box" - see details below) which holds two-thirds of our Health, Nutrition, Personal Care and Skin Care range, and is discounted almost 40%on retail prices.

As a Wholesale Buyer or Distributor you will be able to purchase all products at the normal 30% discount price. You place your orders directly with your local Product Centre as and when you need supplies - there are no targets to be met. The minimum order value is 50 at the wholesale rate.


Did you know that Aloe is mentioned in The Holy Bible at least 5 different places?

Num 24:5-6
Ps 45:8
John 19:38-40
Song 4:13-15
Prov 7:17-18

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves."
Thomas A.Edison 1847-1931

Wholesale Buyer

 30% Discount

We have found that many people want to use these high-quality, natural health and beauty products on a regular basis, but they have no interest in developing a sales or network marketing business. When you join us as a Wholesale Buyer you will be able to purchase at the 30% discount price, and you can place your orders directly with your local Product Centre. The minimum order is 50 at the wholesale rate, but you simply buy your chosen products as and when you need them. You are also welcome to attend our series of regular training courses. (More)

Your Nearest Distributor
AloeHeals Company UK has distributors all over the UK - so whether you are interested in buying some natural Aloe Vera and Beehive products for your own use, or you want information on joining our Team, your nearest local Distributor will aim to help you. We are always looking for new Key People to join us. If you have an interest in natural health, and would like to explore the income opportunities, please phone us. There are worldwide opportunities too in USA, Italy, India, Spain - more than 65 countries. (More)


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