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Top 10 Best Selling Forever Living Products in the UK

Aloe Vera has been recognised for thousands of years for it's health properties. It contains over 75 known ingredients. (Click here for Top 10 Facts about Aloe Vera ).

16.55 Aloe Vera Gel and Berry Nectar

17.65 Aloe Bits n' Peaches
Aloe Vera Drinking Gels provide the body with superb nutritional ingredients, which are thought to help the body to look after itself. Aloe is known to gently detoxify the system which may be beneficial.

9.50 Aloe Vera Gelly
Aloe Vera Gelly has the same benefits as "live aloe", being naturally anti-inflammatory. The Gelly is famous for soothing burns of any kind.

11.55 Aloe Propolis Cream
Aloe Vera is an excellent skin moisturiser, which makes it very beneficial for dry skin problems. Aloe Propolis Cream contains a high proportion of Aloe Vera Gel with added Bee Propolis (nature's antibiotic). The soothing properties of Aloe is further enhanced by camomile and comfrey to soothe irritating skin conditions.

4.45 Forever Bright Toothgel
This unique Aloe-based toothgel, which whitens teeth and has the lowest abrasion factor in the marketplace, is great for the whole family. Stabilised Aloe gel combined with Bee Propolis means that the antibacterial properties fight plaque and keep the breath fresh. Our toothgel also fluoride free.

2.30 Aloe Lips
Small and convenient to carry, the Aloe Lips is a perfect "first aid stick". The combination of Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil means that it is an effective all season lip care product, moisturising and protecting from the weather and cold sores. As a first aid stick it can be used on stings, bites, minor cuts and burns. On the beauty front it is an excellent lip-gloss to accompany the Sonya Colour Cosmetic Range.

21.40 Bee Propolis Tablets
Bee Propolis is made from a sticky resin the bees harvest from trees. Ancient civilisations used it to heal wounds and abscesses. Propolis has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties, which means that it can offer a natural alternative to modern antibiotics.

8.65 Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo
Stabilised Aloe Vera is the main ingredient in our pH-balanced shampoo. This is the same high quality Aloe we use in our food products. Combined with Oil of Jojoba, the shampoo not only cleanses the hair, but also treats the scalp to help skin conditions and dandruff. Aloe Vera shampoo can be used on all types of hair and is mild enough to be used on babies and children.

9.50 Aloe Heat Lotion
The Heat Lotion consists of Aloe Vera as the main ingredient and warming herbs to provide a soothing balm for aches and pains. It is a lubricating lotion for joints, muscles and can be even be used to massage on the forehead and temples to help relieve headaches and blocked sinuses.

5.25 Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant
Our Deodorant is a lightly fragrant stick, which relies on the natural deodorising properties of Aloe Vera to give all day protection without staining clothes in the process. No harmful anti-perspirant aluminum salts are used. Aluminum is not only toxic, but it was also been implicated in a number of serious conditions.

8.55 Aloe Liquid Soap
Aloe Vera is noted for its healing, cleansing, moisturising and conditioning properties and is an ideal base for this liquid cleanser. Because it is pH balanced it is mild enough for daily cleansing all over the body and its NO TEARS FORMULA makes it an ideal shampoo and body cleanser for babies and children.